5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes You Low Key Want to Wear, But Better

5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes You Low Key Want to Wear, But Better

So you just debuted the one big Halloween costume you ACTUALLY prepared for this year and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself because it was a hit, right? The only thing is now you have two more days of Halloween celebrations left and you either a.) don’t feel like spending money on another costume, b.) don’t feel like spending the mental energy thinking up of another costume, and/or c.) you low key want to do the least amount of work possible but high key still participate in the holiday so you don’t get any slack from your friends. If this is you right now, then SAME. So for all of my procrastinators out there, grab some inspiration from these last minute costume upgrades that you can pull together in less than an hour (no really, all of these costumes I came up with in one hour just by shopping my closet) and can still successfully garner a few compliments for being “soooooo cuuuuuute.”


FOR THE GIRL THAT STILL WANTS TO LOOK GLAM: Skip the flapper dress and go for a Studio 54 Vibe

This look is my favorite simply because most of my wardrobe is already 70’s inspired and I’ll most likely be wearing this entire outfit out again, no shame in my white flares.

last minute_diy_halloween_costume_studio_54

Sunglasses: Spin Gallery | Bodysuit: Zara | Pants: Zara

FOR THE GIRL THAT ONLY WEARS BLACK: Skip the kitty face and go for a Jack-O-Lantern

Since you only wear all black and there is no other more appropriate holiday to wear all black, stick to your staples and let the makeup do the talking. I personally hate gory and scary makeup looks, so I went with a more subdued jack-o-lantern inspired beat. Also, considering it’s fall and we’ve been building our collections of warm, bronzy-orange tone eye shadows for a few months now, all you really need is some white face paint for the teeth (a 24 hour Walgreens can help you with that) and some black eyeliner and you’re set.


Top: Zara | Skirt: Urban outfitters | Shoes: Schutz

FOR ALL MY TAN GIRLS: Skip the homemade Indian and go for a classic, vintage Selena or JLo

It’s 2016, so I’d like to think that we can all agree that cultural appropriation isn’t a good look anymore. Plus, I’d MUCH rather dress as Selena every day with all those bustiers and jumpsuits <3 FYI: if you have no time to do your hair, don’t. In this look specifically, she has her natural curls out so even better if you’re seriously holding out till the last minute for a costume idea.


Earrings: H&M | Top: Zara | Jeans: Vintage Levis

FOR THOSE THAT WANT A CELEB COSTUME: Skip the Kim K After Her Robbery look and go as Kourtney K After Her Split from Scott

Apparently, some company came out with an incredibly distasteful costume replicating Kim Kardashian after her infamous Paris robbery. Tacky. Let the Kim K vibes rest for a night and instead go for Kourtney Kardashian post-Disick look.


Earrings: H&M | Top: Zara | Jeans: vintage Levis

Hope this helps any of you out there still scrambling for a costume! Stay safe this weekend!


Xx, Kat Blanco



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