I Hate Sock Booties, So I Bought a Pair.

I Hate Sock Booties, So I Bought a Pair.

I hate those trends that make their way onto our radars one random season yet are such a slight variation to what you already own, that it seems unnecessary to buy into it. But then it starts popping up all over your news feed but even then, nothing sparks your interest with them. Then you browse the Chrome tabs you have open from all your perpetually restocked carts and there they are again, popping up on the side bar ads that hunt you down with all your recent clicks (I SEE YOU SEEING ME). And theeeeeen, all the publications you follow start posting about “that IT item of the season” and all you want to do is roll your eyes and cross your arms and sit patiently until we start craving the next IT thing. That’s been me this entire year with sock booties. I had a sincere disdain towards those boots. I mean, the name alone…SOCK booties?!? Gah, pass. Plus, I never really liked the look of the Yeezy versions so I didn’t see any purpose in trying to fall for a similar pair.

But then it happens. You’re aimlessly strolling through one of your favorite shops and you spot them, mannequined on the display table, appropriately styled next to the double buckle belts and cropped black flares. A pair of blue velvet sock booties that look just gloriously delicious to slip into. I’ve passed by them before but today, they struck me hard-the silky sapphire color waiting to grip my ankles. It takes me no less than a quick breath to try them on and agree to take them home. I don’t even know how I cracked that quick, but I did and I couldn’t be happier.


c/o: Spin Gallery

I found these babies at Spin Gallery, a cool little shop in Miami’s own cultural haven Wynwood. This store has quickly become one of my absolute favorites (stay tuned for something special coming up with them) for their desert downtown vibes and beautifully curated selection. I definitely recommend them if you’re in the South Florida area! The boots are the perfect fall pick me up and the color can easily act as a balance against many neutral wardrobes and pairs perfectly with many autumnal tones (sooo much rust and midnight blue). It’s the things you wouldn’t have expected to like at all that you tend to fall in love with the most. Take a look at how I styled the boots 3 different ways-and get ready to see many more looks on my Instagram @katblanco !

Xx, Kat Blanco