4 Must-Have Straw Accessories | SS17 Edit

4 Must-Have Straw Accessories | SS17 Edit

Warmer weather always invites a more carefree standard of living and dressing. Miami weather in particular, with highs over 100 degrees and a humidity that can steam the life out of anyone, warrants a much more simple take on your wardrobe while still being practical and sensibly styled.

Switching to straw accessories during the summer months is the perfect balance between elegance and efficiency in one water and sweat resistant material. This year, I’ve moved beyond the simple straw beach totes and floppy hats to a more sophisticated and all-day appropriate option to incorporate with my uniform (denim and tees 4 evr <3).

When choosing to incorporate straw accessories into your wardrobe, opt for pieces with more structure and body to give an elevated appeal to your overall look. Something like a wide straw tote is perfect for lounging out back at Soho Beach House but I’m not sure it would pair well with stilettos for dinner at Prime 112. Think “strolling through Capri” instead of “day drinking at Wet Willy’s.” And for those that are apprehensive of wearing straw at night, with a bit of guidance and careful editing through your online carts, the summer trend is ABSOLUTELY doable and encouraged from dawn till dusk.

Easier enough, I’ve compiled a list of my top 4 straw accessories for summer you’ll want to start picking up.

    • Boater Hat: The difference here is crucial. Two summers ago, we were all big on floppy hats. Last summer it was the panama hat. This year however, aim for a wider but flat brim, also called a boater hat, to offer a cool topper to any casual fit, especially paired with denim or dresses (two of my favorite combos). The structure in the hat keeps the feel of your overall look more clean and pulled together, making it appropriate for lunch meetings, casual outings, to wear with bikinis or with some high waist slacks.

    •  Structured Hand Bag: My favorite and probably the easiest way to incorporate straw accessories into a summer wardrobe. My favorite way to shop for these is thrifting, as structured straw bags were huge back in the day and you can pretty much spot one whenever you go thrifting. If not, plenty of retailers are getting the hint and offering smaller structured bags. Some you can wear cross body while others you can carry by the top handle. Either option will polish your summer look perfectly. Wear it with a gingham two piece set or a midi @Reformation dress, your favorite mules and a pair of bright colored sunnies to be as Instagram-ready as ever.

    • Clutch: Similar to a structured bag but maybe a better option for night time is the clutch. When the weather starts to heat up, I love tucking a straw clutching under the arm running around from dinner to drinks to dancing. Finding the right one can create an elegant addition to your summer wardrobe and paired with the right statement earrings, there is no pop-up event you won’t be ready for.

        • Shoes: Straw accents on shoes have been a new favorite of mine for this year. Of course, having a great straw wedge is the perfect neutral but just know that not all straw wedges are created equal. Also, I’ve stumbled upon straw slides and I’m OBSESSED. Keep the whole luxe casual vibe going from spring into the warmer months by pulling in these slides that literally go with any and everything you already own.

    I love straw and am so inspired to look for more pieces to add to my growing collection this year. Do you have a favorite straw accessory that I missed? Don’t be stingy, tell me tell me in the comments below or on Instagram! Until next time.



Mother’s Day Style | BRUNCH + BEACH

Mother’s Day Style | BRUNCH + BEACH

I feel like Mother’s Day is the official invitation to go all out with spring colors, prints, and every feminine detail imaginable. It’s the day we celebrate the most amazing woman in our life and make her feel the most beautiful she has ever felt, so you better believe your mom will be capturing every single moment of that day. When it comes to choosing what you’ll be wearing all day, if you’re thinking of brunch plans for this year, ruffles is the way to go. I feel like the whole ruffles wave is still riding strong this year, with one-shoulder being the newest craze from Spring/Summer 17. I’ve put together coordinating Mother/Daughter outfits using the same pieces but appropriate for either woman to wear-and plus, I’m just corny and love the idea of coordinating with my mom, OKAY?!

If your family decides to skip brunch and head straight to the pool or beach, most likely what my family will be doing, I’ve styled two looks with a straw boater hat as the main piece in both looks. Boater hats are HUGE this season and pair well whether at the beach, running errands, or heck even for brunch. It’s the one piece both my mom and I jumped on getting for this season and we love styling it so many different ways.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure to make your mom feel extra special for there really is no one in the world like her 💕

mothers day 2017 style ruffle one shoulder1. Bauble Bar Earrings

2. H&M Ruffle One Shoulder Top

3. H&M Gingham Ruffle Skirt

4. Topshop Tassle Block Heels

5. Mackage White Crossbody Bag

6. Amore Navy Earrings

7. Pamela Junin Clutch

8. Topshop Midi Skirt

9. N21 Bow Mules

10. Dior Show Mascara

mothers day 2017 beach style straw boater hat

  1. Asos Boater Hat
  2. Faithful The Brand Wrap Skirt
  3. Camp Cove Bikini Top
  4. Camp Cove Bikini Bottom
  5. Forever 21 Slides
  6. Forever 21 Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses
  7. Castañer White Espadrille Wedges
  8. Reina Olga One Piece Swimsuit
  9. H&M Sunglasses (only $5!)
  10. Inda Maxi Skirt
  11. La Roche Posay Sunscreen SPF 60
  12. whoops
  13. Mango Pineapple Bucket Bag
  14. Cult Gaia Straw Hang Bag


Pajama Shirt for the Day

Pajama Shirt for the Day
This one goes out to all of the people who love those extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning, the ones who snooze 7 different alarms until they’re finally ready to crawl out of bed, the ones who prefer comfort over style but always lean towards style, forgoing the comfort they sadly miss on the daily. Fashion has finally come on our side and has given us the look we’ve always dreamed of (pun intended). Ready for it? Pajamas during the daytime. I know, it sounds ridiculous but it works so well, I’m so excited you have no clue.
Obviously, this doesn’t necessarily mean you pull out your old college t-shirts and gray sweats and rock those (although let’s be honest, that can even be a look now a days a-la-Yeezy). You’ll want to pull out your good silk, the pajamas you most likely reserve for the holiday season or those nights when you really want to pamper yourself.
However if you’re like me and haven’t invested in those type of PJ sets just yet, you’ll need to find some. My prefer method? Thrifting, of course. I thrifted this dark cerulean blue striped pajama shirt for only $2 (LOL dammit I love thrifting) and once I washed it, it’s been my favorite piece to throw on.
Wear it over jeans, tucked into denim shorts, white white long slacks and belted, or with a leather skirt. Style it the way you would style any other button up except this one is LITERALLY way comfier.
Since this one is thrifted and you probably won’t be able to find the exact one, i’ve added a few night time inspired pieces you can shop to get that lazy gal vibe going this summer too.
Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Zara (similar here)
Heels: Nasty Gal (similar AND cheaper here)
Lip: Kylie Cosmetics “Mary Jo

silk pajama shirt during the day jeans
silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans
Photography by @Zerepinera

Met Gala Guide 2017: Everything You Need To know

Met Gala Guide 2017: Everything You Need To know

Consider the first Monday in May the fashion industry’s Christmas. Every year on this day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts their annual benefit to raise money for the Costume Institute (better known as the fashion department). This night reigns supreme on the fashion calendar, even more so than any runway shows or fashion weeks out there. It’s the one night of the year where trends and gimmick are thrown out the window and it’s only about the fashion. The journey. The art. The first Monday in May is what fashion is and should be, a celebration of a designer’s influence on the industry and reflecting on the bridge between the past and the future of those designs.

This year, Rei Kawakubo will be the honored artist, only the second living designer to be showcased at the Costume Institute (the first being Yves Saint Laurent back in 1983). According to CNN, the Met “will use 150 examples of Kawakubo’s work to explore how the designer has managed to straddle and subvert established dualities (then/now, self/other, clothes/not clothes etc.).” This is one of the more highly anticipated years of the gala and will include every major designer, brand, celebrity, and crazy looks all fashion-obsessed live for, so get ready for A Moment.


So, what is the purpose of the Met Gala?


The Met Gala does several things in one night:

  • Raises money for the Costume Institute
  • Introduces the summer exhibit
  • Showcases the best and most exquisite fashion in the world on one carpet

First off, it is the annual benefit function to raise money for the Costume Institute, the only curatorial department in all the museum that has to fund itself. Secondly, the Met Gala introduces the exhibition that will be on display all summer long in the Costume Institute. The temporary exhibition is one of the most viewed in the world, with millions visiting from all over the world over the next 4 months. And lastly, the Met Gala is the one night of the year that where the clothes don’t just become outfits, they become walking sculptures, fusing creativity with the night’s theme to deliver some of the most outrageous and incredible moments captured in history (I know we’re all still dreaming of that Rihanna moment from 2015). Known as the Oscar night of fashion, expect to see dramatic shapes, headpieces, trains, gowns, and everything in between.


Who is Rei Kawakubo and why is she important?

kawakubo_rei-comme des garcon-met gala

Kawakubo at the opening of her Comme des Garçons shop in Henri Bendel in 1983. c/o: TIME

Rei Kawakubo is a 74-year old Japanese designer who founded the label Comme des Garcon. Ever seen those t-shirts or Converse with that cartoon heart character on them? That’s her design, one of the more marketable ones under her casual luxury line titled Play, of course.


c/o: Converse

Kawakubo has built her legacy on breaking the rules in fashion, never going for flattering and pretty but instead aiming for interesting and cinematic. She’s known as one of the most influential designers of our time and has solidified herself as one of the most forward thinking individuals in the creative space, not just fashion. Aside from her label Comme des Garcon and Play, she also owns the multi-level conceptual retail store Dover Street Market. While still primarily carrying her line and products, DSM hosts a slew of streetwear hype brands like Gosha Rubinsky, Gucci, Moncler, Balenciaga, and Vetements. If that wasn’t enough, Rei has also collaborated with dozens of the world’s leading brands including Nike, Speedo, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Chrome Hearts, and more. Now, the real question is how much can the Met squeeze into the exhibit?


c/o: Dezeen


What is Anna Wintour’s role in all of this?

rei kawakubo met gala anna wintour andrew bolton

From left: Carrie Rebora Barratt, Rei Kawakubo, Andrew Bolton and Anna Wintour at the Paris press conference for this year’s exhibition

For those unaware of who Anna Wintour is, she is the Editor in Chief of American Vogue and the Artistic Director of its publishing company Conde Nast. In 1999, Wintour became the chairwoman of the gala and has since elevated this once philanthropic effort into a global fashion marketing tool. She is the be-all end-all when it comes to the gala: who gets showcased, who gets invited, the theme, the layout, everything is approved by her. She has helped bring in so much money for the department over her tenure that in 2014, they renamed the main exhibition space as the Anna Wintour Costume Center. This woman is a beast and a damn good one at that.


Who gets invited to the gala?

Jennifer Lopez Donatella Versace Met Gala 2015

Donatella Versace invited Jennifer Lopez as one of her guests during the 2015 Met Gala honoring “China; Through the Looking Glass”

While the gala is technically a ticketed event (thus should be open to anyone willing to front the $30,000 per ticket to attend), it is invitation-only and is one of the hardest celebrity mixers to get into—even worse than any Oscar party. Your invitation more so depends on your cultural relevance and industry contribution rather than your money. As far as celebrities go and their place in the whole shindig, brands will usually pay for an entire table and invite celebrities to join, usually dressed in their designs of course. But even then, Anna still has to okay who you want to invite to your table, so being selective with your guests is necessary. In years past Beyonce joined Ricardo Tisci, Katy Perry joined Jeremy Scott, Zendaya came with Michael Kors, and Balmain hosted the entire Kardashian klan, naturally.


How do guests decide how to dress? Can they just wear a ball gown and be done?

met-gala-2016-magnus ex machina

Yes and no. Every exhibition has a theme and it is customary to dress according to that theme. In 2015, it was China: Through the Looking Glass, which sprouted some culturally inappropriate garbs that made the media a bit weary. In 2016, the theme was Magnus ex Machina, so more of a futuristic and robotic type of vibe (plenty of silver and Tin Man looks). This year, the exhibition is titled “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-Between.” Take that theme as you want, but my guess is that most attendees will wear an original CDG design, definitely the more nonsensical pieces like the lumpy dress or the red tape skirt. Rei celebrates the art of avant garde and will expect tonight’s attendees to dress with that same no-limits mentality, so get ready to be awed and wowed. FYI, Lady Gaga and Rihanna will SHINE tonight.


Okay, I’m in. I want to see? Where can I watch?

Unfortunately, because inside is such a private event (no guests are allowed to post anything on social media from inside the gala), the only televised option to watch the red carpet will be E! news starting at 7:30PM. However, both Vogue and NYT Style will be live streaming the coverage, with vogue doing a “360 red carpet experience” going from 7-8pm.

I look forward to this night every year and hope you guys have just as much fun following along as I will!

If you ever want to learn more about the Met Gala and the 7 month process it takes to plan fashion’s most extravagant night out, I HIGHLY highly highly suggest watching “The First Monday in May” on Netflix. It’s such a beautiful depiction of what this gala means to fashion and the world and the laborious task it is to present to the world a spectacular look into some of the industry’s greatest artist year after year.

With that, I’ll see you all on Instagram Stories with my thoughts and gasps of the looks throughout the night!

Xx, Kat

What is Sustainable Fashion + 7 Ways To Shop Sustainable

What is Sustainable Fashion + 7 Ways To Shop Sustainable

Earth Day is tomorrow and as always, this holiday offers a friendly reminder to keep sustainable practices relevant in all aspects of your life, including fashion. Sustainability helps the overall well-being of our planet, from an economic standpoint to a socio-economic one and helps us have a more conscious perspective with what we choose to wear. But such a broad term doesn’t give much direction to what steps we can take to participate in the sustainability movement, which is where this post comes in.

Fast Fashion brands have shorten the life cycle of our wardrobe. In other words, we’re so used to just buying cheap for right now, it’s almost like we expect to either toss out the clothes that wear their course or have them fall apart in a few months because of that. Although this strategy leaves more room for trend shopping, issues like material sourcing, production standards, quick turn-over, waste and ethical practices fall short and ultimately lead to an unsustainable wardrobe and loss of money.

But what does sustainable fashion even mean? Is it how we source our raw goods? Or how much we reuse and repurpose clothing? Or how about the quality of the production facilities that make the end-product? I honestly get so confused every time someone tries to lecture me on sustainable clothes, to the point that I just ignore the topic and move on with what I’m doing.

However, through my own search I learned that there is no set definition of sustainable fashion; no wonder so many of us get confused. Instead, sustainability includes how we make and intake fashion. The one definition I did find from Green Strategy is:

More sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. In practice, this implies continuous work to improve all stages of the product’s life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale, to use, reuse, repair, remake and recycling of the product and its components. From an environmental perspective, the aim should be to minimise any undesirable environmental effect of the product’s life cycle by: (a) ensuring efficient and careful use of natural resources (water, energy, land, soil, animals, plants, biodiversity, ecosystems, etc); (b) selecting renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc) at every stage, and (c) maximising repair, remake, reuse, and recycling of the product and its components. From a socio-economic perspective, all stakeholders should work to improve present working conditions for workers on the field, in the factories, transportation chain, and stores, by aligning with good ethics, best practice and international codes of conduct. In addition, fashion companies should contribute to encourage more sustainable consumption patterns, caring and washing practices, and overall attitudes to fashion. (Green Strategy, June 2014)

To make it easier I’ve taken Green Strategy’s list of 7 forms of sustainable fashion and simplified it.

sustainable fashion

Made Locally

To help local artisans and small businesses is always a great impact on the surrounding economy, but even with larger brands you can still make an effort to look for clothes that are made from where you live. Just check out the “Made In ______” tag and support locally.

Green & Clean 
This impacts all major processes. From how the garment is made to what materials are used to make the garment. A company has full control on the materials they use and they have the decision to use recycled, organic or to change the dying processes of a garment to have less of an impact. Have a look at the materials used on the tag, read the descriptions when buying online.

High Quality 
These are garments that are hand crafted and can include items that are customized. The reason high quality is sustainable is that it extends the life of a garment since its made to last. But remember, high quality doesn’t always mean luxury.

Fair & Ethical
Being people friendly ensures the workers have fair compensation and are treated ethically. This takes a little more digging but if it’s something that matters to you, then it will be worth the search.

Remake, Reuse & Upcycle

Reusing what’s already made. For a company, it is using recycled textiles. For an individual, it is giving new life to an old garment; a simple example is turning jeans into shorts. One of my favorite accounts to follow for repurposing fashion

Rent, Loan, Swap

Why buy items if you are only going to wear them once? Businesses like Rent The Runway and Poshmark give more life to a single item of clothing and offer sustainable methods of shopping, especially for one time grand events.

Second Hand
And of course, my favorite, vintage or thrift shopping. Buying at your local thrift shop or the tons of second hand marketplaces online. Vintage pieces are usually made from higher quality materials and already have a worn in feel to them, so they work well for pieces like jeans, blazers, coats, and shoes.

Now, to get started, pick one or two of these you know you can do and remember that there aren’t many companies that do ALL. Over time, you can start to add others and begin to see a change in your buying behavior.

Sustainable shopping might seem like work in the beginning, but once you realize the impact plus the money you’re saving, it all makes a ton more sense and is a lot enticing to stay committed.

What are some of your favorite sustainable brands or practices? I’d love to know