Member’s Only: The Ultimate Bomber Jacket

Member’s Only: The Ultimate Bomber Jacket

I’ve been thrifting for almost 10 years now and throughout that time, I’ve come across some straight gems for dirt cheap. One of the most sought-after pieces I would always be on the lookout for were these Member’s Only bomber jackets. I had no idea who Member’s Only was but I swore they designed the most perfect bomber jacket, pure clean lines and a no-fuss approach to a quality staple. Every time I found one at a thrift store, I felt like I scored BIG and slowly started building up my collection of MO Jackets. I remember showing my dad the new pieces I would find and he’d reminisce how he would wear that same jacket back in the 80’s. Well, clearly good taste never goes out of style. I’m up to 5 MO jackets and counting!


It’s still crazy to me how fashion ALWAYS comes around full circle and what was once huge 30 years ago is now such a booming trend. Bomber jackets started having their moment about two years ago and since they’ve been brought back into the limelight, they’ve been adapting and growing with each season. But one thing is constant: the same bombers that I thrifted back then were still being lauded as one of the must have pieces year-round, and I couldn’t agree more.


But what is it about Member’s Only that makes them such a sought-after brand, especially in the vintage fashion community? Aside from being a heritage brand and the creators of the original bomber jacket for everyday style, it’s a brand rooted in bringing uncompromising quality at a fair price point with timeless design in every color (that’s a mouthful).


photo from 1984 of triplets in Member’s Only jackets

Member’s Only started in 1975, originally known as Chief Apparel. It wasn’t until the owner’s son, Herb Goldsmith, came on board his dad’s business and pushed the brand to grow and extend into other markets across the country, that the brand really started to gain a following. Fun fact, Herb was color blind but still had such a strong pulse on the men’s fashion industry (how the hell, I have no clue).

It was Goldsmith that changed the name of the company to Member’s Only (after a trip to his favorite country club) and started pushing the product out into television and movies, including features like Anthony Geary on General Hospital, Corey Feldman in The Goonies and even on the final episode of the Sopranos. This exposure grew the jacket into a status symbol for men in the 80’s and solidifying its place in ready to wear fashion.


Corey Feldman sporting a grey Member’s Only jacket in the 80’s hit movie, The Goonies


Member’s only jackets were seen throughout the show The Sopranos


A Member’s Only bomber jacket was used in the confusing finale of The Sopranos

Since then, the company has revamped its offerings. Aside from still having the OG jackets available for sale on their site or at places like Urban Outfitters, Member’s Only has some really sick new styles that fit perfectly with today’s times including the MO1 Bomber found in the men’s section (but best believe I still shop that section) or the new satin bombers for a more elevated feel. If you don’t already have one of their pieces, I definitely recommend grabbing one as part of your capsule wardrobe.

I know these jackets will last me the next 30 years until the day I pass them down to my kids and start off their vintage collection strong, naturally haha. For more on the latest collections, visit or check out their Instagram @membersonlyusa

*This post was sponsored by Member’s Only but all thoughts are 100% honest and my own*


(Wearing: Member’s Only jacket, Uniqlo t-shirt, Ralph Lauren white jeans cropped by myself, Zara flats, Ray-Ban Sunglasses)











 Shades of Blue: Where to Shop Different Washes of Jeans

 Shades of Blue: Where to Shop Different Washes of Jeans

It’s no secret I like am obsessed with denim, but shopping for jeans has been a constant trial and error hunt for me especially when it comes to the wash, or the color, of the jeans. Growing up, I had enough of a hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit me well that by the time I actually found I pair I liked, I didn’t care if it only came in acid wash or bright blue—I went home with it and managed with what I could (but really, I had no clue what the hell I was wearing back then).

Now a day, I’ve learned that style is developed in the details and the wash of your jeans is just as important as the fit of the jean. Personally, I like a midrange natural wash, something that can go from day to night and looks elegant both dressed up or dressed down. But, like anything else, a little variety is needed which is why I’ve scoured my entire closet as well as those around me to compile a list of the best brands to shop when searching for that certain wash you’ve been eyeing for months (years) now.

From polished dark denim to sun-bleached powder blue, I’ve broken down the list by the top 4 popular and standard washes available for jeans. Also, before we begin, here are a few overall pointers when shopping for jeans—regardless of what wash you’re going for:

  • 100% Cotton is always the way to go as far as durability goes. Jeans with elastics or spandex in them are more prone to holes forming and early signs of wear and tear
  • The best natural washes can be found for $5 at the thrift store #vintageovereverything
  • BEWARE OF WHISKERING. Those light wash streaks around the pelvic area of some jeans are a design element called whiskers. When subtle, they add some worn-in character to the jeans, but too harsh or too streaky can make your jeans look cheap or tacky
  • As long as you find your perfect wash and style, the other details you want like distressing or hem work can usually be done at home or with a tailor. Wash and fit are #1 priority.
  • Disregard whatever the trend is at the moment and go with what makes you feel your best
  • But don’t do acid wash. No one looks good in acid wash.

denim jeans washes dark light medium how to shop jeans

Dark Denim

When it comes to dark denim, a plain dark denim is the best option for transitioning throughout the rest of your wardrobe. If you buy a dark denim that is marketed as “raw” or “raw-selvedge,” this just means that the jeans have not been pre-washed or pre-distressed. This allows for the jeans to fade overtime and create those whiskers and fading according to your body and not some manufactured distressing. If you don’t want any signs of fading whatsoever to your dark denim, stay away from raw denim.

Medium Wash

This is my favorite shade. I feel like a good mid wash can do no wrong, regardless of the occasion. Again, fading and details are up to your preference but I like mild distressing and a natural worn-in look which is usually why I prefer to find a solid vintage pair and distress them myself.

Medium Light Wash

Another favorite of mine especially when summer rolls in. A medium light wash is relaxed and looks like you’ve spent your entire summer in the sun but paired with heels and a statement top or robe and the look could completely transform for dinner at sunset and drinks by the pool.

Light Wash

Light wash is definitely the most relaxed and casual wash you’ll want in your closet. This wash is perfect to pair with all the whites and nudes in your wardrobe. But of course, there are no rules in fashion so wear them however you please, just go for a piece that has natural distressed elements versus manmade bleaching or dyeing.

4 Must-Have Straw Accessories | SS17 Edit

4 Must-Have Straw Accessories | SS17 Edit

Warmer weather always invites a more carefree standard of living and dressing. Miami weather in particular, with highs over 100 degrees and a humidity that can steam the life out of anyone, warrants a much more simple take on your wardrobe while still being practical and sensibly styled.

Switching to straw accessories during the summer months is the perfect balance between elegance and efficiency in one water and sweat resistant material. This year, I’ve moved beyond the simple straw beach totes and floppy hats to a more sophisticated and all-day appropriate option to incorporate with my uniform (denim and tees 4 evr <3).

When choosing to incorporate straw accessories into your wardrobe, opt for pieces with more structure and body to give an elevated appeal to your overall look. Something like a wide straw tote is perfect for lounging out back at Soho Beach House but I’m not sure it would pair well with stilettos for dinner at Prime 112. Think “strolling through Capri” instead of “day drinking at Wet Willy’s.” And for those that are apprehensive of wearing straw at night, with a bit of guidance and careful editing through your online carts, the summer trend is ABSOLUTELY doable and encouraged from dawn till dusk.

Easier enough, I’ve compiled a list of my top 4 straw accessories for summer you’ll want to start picking up.

    • Boater Hat: The difference here is crucial. Two summers ago, we were all big on floppy hats. Last summer it was the panama hat. This year however, aim for a wider but flat brim, also called a boater hat, to offer a cool topper to any casual fit, especially paired with denim or dresses (two of my favorite combos). The structure in the hat keeps the feel of your overall look more clean and pulled together, making it appropriate for lunch meetings, casual outings, to wear with bikinis or with some high waist slacks.

    •  Structured Hand Bag: My favorite and probably the easiest way to incorporate straw accessories into a summer wardrobe. My favorite way to shop for these is thrifting, as structured straw bags were huge back in the day and you can pretty much spot one whenever you go thrifting. If not, plenty of retailers are getting the hint and offering smaller structured bags. Some you can wear cross body while others you can carry by the top handle. Either option will polish your summer look perfectly. Wear it with a gingham two piece set or a midi @Reformation dress, your favorite mules and a pair of bright colored sunnies to be as Instagram-ready as ever.

    • Clutch: Similar to a structured bag but maybe a better option for night time is the clutch. When the weather starts to heat up, I love tucking a straw clutching under the arm running around from dinner to drinks to dancing. Finding the right one can create an elegant addition to your summer wardrobe and paired with the right statement earrings, there is no pop-up event you won’t be ready for.

        • Shoes: Straw accents on shoes have been a new favorite of mine for this year. Of course, having a great straw wedge is the perfect neutral but just know that not all straw wedges are created equal. Also, I’ve stumbled upon straw slides and I’m OBSESSED. Keep the whole luxe casual vibe going from spring into the warmer months by pulling in these slides that literally go with any and everything you already own.

    I love straw and am so inspired to look for more pieces to add to my growing collection this year. Do you have a favorite straw accessory that I missed? Don’t be stingy, tell me tell me in the comments below or on Instagram! Until next time.



Mother’s Day Style | BRUNCH + BEACH

Mother’s Day Style | BRUNCH + BEACH

I feel like Mother’s Day is the official invitation to go all out with spring colors, prints, and every feminine detail imaginable. It’s the day we celebrate the most amazing woman in our life and make her feel the most beautiful she has ever felt, so you better believe your mom will be capturing every single moment of that day. When it comes to choosing what you’ll be wearing all day, if you’re thinking of brunch plans for this year, ruffles is the way to go. I feel like the whole ruffles wave is still riding strong this year, with one-shoulder being the newest craze from Spring/Summer 17. I’ve put together coordinating Mother/Daughter outfits using the same pieces but appropriate for either woman to wear-and plus, I’m just corny and love the idea of coordinating with my mom, OKAY?!

If your family decides to skip brunch and head straight to the pool or beach, most likely what my family will be doing, I’ve styled two looks with a straw boater hat as the main piece in both looks. Boater hats are HUGE this season and pair well whether at the beach, running errands, or heck even for brunch. It’s the one piece both my mom and I jumped on getting for this season and we love styling it so many different ways.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure to make your mom feel extra special for there really is no one in the world like her 💕

mothers day 2017 style ruffle one shoulder1. Bauble Bar Earrings

2. H&M Ruffle One Shoulder Top

3. H&M Gingham Ruffle Skirt

4. Topshop Tassle Block Heels

5. Mackage White Crossbody Bag

6. Amore Navy Earrings

7. Pamela Junin Clutch

8. Topshop Midi Skirt

9. N21 Bow Mules

10. Dior Show Mascara

mothers day 2017 beach style straw boater hat

  1. Asos Boater Hat
  2. Faithful The Brand Wrap Skirt
  3. Camp Cove Bikini Top
  4. Camp Cove Bikini Bottom
  5. Forever 21 Slides
  6. Forever 21 Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses
  7. Castañer White Espadrille Wedges
  8. Reina Olga One Piece Swimsuit
  9. H&M Sunglasses (only $5!)
  10. Inda Maxi Skirt
  11. La Roche Posay Sunscreen SPF 60
  12. whoops
  13. Mango Pineapple Bucket Bag
  14. Cult Gaia Straw Hang Bag


Pajama Shirt for the Day

Pajama Shirt for the Day
This one goes out to all of the people who love those extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning, the ones who snooze 7 different alarms until they’re finally ready to crawl out of bed, the ones who prefer comfort over style but always lean towards style, forgoing the comfort they sadly miss on the daily. Fashion has finally come on our side and has given us the look we’ve always dreamed of (pun intended). Ready for it? Pajamas during the daytime. I know, it sounds ridiculous but it works so well, I’m so excited you have no clue.
Obviously, this doesn’t necessarily mean you pull out your old college t-shirts and gray sweats and rock those (although let’s be honest, that can even be a look now a days a-la-Yeezy). You’ll want to pull out your good silk, the pajamas you most likely reserve for the holiday season or those nights when you really want to pamper yourself.
However if you’re like me and haven’t invested in those type of PJ sets just yet, you’ll need to find some. My prefer method? Thrifting, of course. I thrifted this dark cerulean blue striped pajama shirt for only $2 (LOL dammit I love thrifting) and once I washed it, it’s been my favorite piece to throw on.
Wear it over jeans, tucked into denim shorts, white white long slacks and belted, or with a leather skirt. Style it the way you would style any other button up except this one is LITERALLY way comfier.
Since this one is thrifted and you probably won’t be able to find the exact one, i’ve added a few night time inspired pieces you can shop to get that lazy gal vibe going this summer too.
Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Zara (similar here)
Heels: Nasty Gal (similar AND cheaper here)
Lip: Kylie Cosmetics “Mary Jo

silk pajama shirt during the day jeans
silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans silk pajama shirt during the day jeans
Photography by @Zerepinera