Is It Worth It To Spend $200 on Jeans?

Is It Worth It To Spend $200 on Jeans?

If you’re reading this post-welcome (visit the About page for a little more about me)! I want to kickoff my blog discussing my absolute favorite wardrobe staple, DENIM, specifically jeans. I’m going to do a whole series on denim, talking about price points, quality differences, DIY options, and a bunch more. Denim seems to be a common denominator in everyone’s style, whether you’re more conservative or eclectic, so I figured we would get to know a little bit more of this classic turned cult favorite. Ha. Okay, diving right in.


If you haven’t noticed by now, denim is having a real moment (take a shot for every time you’ve read that phrase this year) and isn’t fading out anytime soon. Over the past year, high end street wear brands like Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Demna Gvasalia’s Vetements have reworked the crowd favorite into reenergized wearable cuts and have trickled down their influences into more popular contemporary brands like Shop Re/Done, Mother Denim, and GRLFRND. Just recently, two of the world’s biggest fashion influencers, Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and Khloe Kardashian, have each released their own denim collections, a line of high end jeans ranging in sizes 0-24 called Good American and a collection of denim overalls called Second Skin Overalls, respectively.

good american_jeans_denim

photo via Good American Jeans


While both of these releases stirred some major excitement across social media, the biggest complaint from fans for both brands was the price point: an average of $200 a pair. Now, as someone who loves denim more than any other closet staple out there, I can easily justify the price tag. But for the average person who relies heavily on H&M and Zara’s low price points to get them through the bombardment of trends every season, the price can be off putting.


So, my question to you is is it worth it to spend $200 on a pair of good quality jeans? Personally, if it fits the criteria, then yes. Let me explain.



Denim isn’t like every other cotton-it’s spun together tightly to give structure and shape but still have the durability to last wash after wash, year after year. From what I’ve read from both of these launches, both brands have invested heavily into creating their lines with the highest quality-stretch infused denim that is also made in the USA. The reason I point this out is that American manufacturing is clearly a lot more expensive than manufacturing somewhere off-shore, like China. And while we all love to bring manufacturing stateside, we also have to remember that costs like higher payroll and production oversight all get factored in to the overall price of the jeans.


photo via The Coveteur



Back to the quality, there is no denying good quality denim completely outlives all the fast fashion dupes. I’m not trying to dismiss Zara or H&M jeans, some of my favorite pairs are from both of these places and I love them to death! But nothing beats a good old fashioned pair of Levis, Calvins or something similar. Most of the Levis I find at thrift shops have been around since the 1970’s and 80’s; that’s almost 40 years of wear!!! And when you look and feel them up close, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are decades old. Good materials are the difference between ripped belt loops or distressed inner thighs and having the same pair suck you in in all the right places yet holding its shape through and through. Shop Re/Done-a newer denim brand and an Instagram obsession right now-understood the cult following of Levis jeans and developed all of their product by sourcing authentic vintage Levis, reconstructing them in modern silhouettes, and distressing them using artisanal craftwork for every single pair (read about the process in their interview with The Coveteur team, it’s super interesting and enlightening). With quality as their main philosophy, they’ve been able to rise to the top of the denim game in just over two years and gain a very loyal and excited following itching to get their hands on a pair.



Finally, let’s talk fit. Ladies and gentlemen, there IS such a thing as GREAT FITTING JEANS. You don’t have to deal with pinching around the midsection, stretching out by the ankles, a tight fit around the bottom but an extra 4 inches of space around the waist, and definitely no chub rub through the inner thighs. These issues are all very much avoidable when craftsmanship intersects with quality material. And I know, just because something costs $200 doesn’t mean it’s going to fit all of these checkpoints. Trust me, I completely agree. You can find some  awesome fitting jeans for $40-$80 at places like Urban Outfitters and Gap. However, regardless of where you find them, nothing beats a good fit-when you’re able to pull up your favorite pair without pulling off the belt loop, have them NOT stretch out completely an hour into your day, and fitting properly around thicker legs or give a great shape to thinner legs. A great fit, aside from design and trends, is really the best reason to invest in your jeans.


photo via Huffington Post

So again, is it worth it to spend $200 on jeans? It’s up to you. But to find a pair that meets all your requirements and can really add sustainability to your wardrobe is more than enough of a reason to invest in a pair that you love and that will most likely outlive you. For now, we can only order and hope that Khloe’s Good American jeans and Danielle’s Second Skin Overalls live up to the price and the hype.


Let me know if you guys have any recommendations for great jeans! I’m always on the hunt for something good and blue <3


Also, if you have any other questions or topics that you want me to discuss, leave it in the comments below! Thanks again for getting through my first post, I’m so excited to start this journey with you guys! Xx.
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